VEGANUARY – What? How? & Why Try???

One word that you may have struggled not to hear this month is ‘Veganuary’, but what does it mean and what is it all about? The idea (just like with Stoptober, Movember and Decembeard) is that you try out something new for just one month, but in this case (instead of quitting smoking, or growing a moustache or beard in order to fundraise for charity) you are invited to make changes towards a vegan lifestyle, beginning with your diet.

Your reasons for participating in ‘Veganuary’ could include wanting to explore new food options, enjoying a challenge, wanting to see how a different diet affects you, or an awareness and concern for animal welfare and / or our environment. But whatever your reason it doesn’t matter, as every time you make a choice not to purchase, use or consume an animal product you will be benefiting not only the animals, but most likely your health, as well as the future of our planet too!

By following a vegan diet, animal products such as meat, fish, milk, cheese, eggs and honey would need to be omitted from the diet and replaced with plant-based alternatives. This may seem like a scary prospect to many people, but don’t panic! It can be very difficult at first to change the way you shop and cook, but plenty of information, support and advice including a shopping guide, nutrition facts and meal plans can be available if you sign up at

So what’s stopping you? Don’t want to do it / it’s too hard / can’t change everything, so why bother………… If you feel like this, which is understandable after being brought up in a society where it’s normal to regularly consume animal products, we would say to just try making a few small changes and see how you manage. These changes could include switching your milk, or cheese, to a plant-based alternative, trying to go meat-free on Mondays, or sampling a vegan meal at Plant Vegan Café in Formby 😉 Hopefully you will be introduced to a range of new delicious vegetables and recipes and you will feel better for it too.

You can sign up at at any time (not just on 1st January) and there is an array of guidance about vegan diets on many other sites too, but if you’re struggling then send us a message or pop in to see us in the café and we’ll do all that we can to help.

For those who are still not convinced about doing Veganuary, or making small changes, we challenge you to try just one vegan meal and see what you’re missing out on, you may be pleasantly surprised!

With best wishes to everybody for a happy, healthy and peaceful year ahead,
Carmel and Clair

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